IM/WGM Nazi Paikidze

Early Life

I was born on October 27th, 1993 in Irkutsk, Russia. Shortly after, my family moved to Tbilisi, Georgia, where I attended the 1st grade of elementary school. Lucky for me, chess was a part of the curriculum. My teacher saw talent in me and suggested to my parents that they should find a professional chess coach and help me begin to compete on a national level. We took this advice and 6 months later I started winning national tournaments. At the age of 8, I came 2nd at the Georgian championship U10 and qualified for the European Youth Championship. That's when my journey started... 

Chess Career Development

My first international tournament was the European Youth Chess Championship in Budva, Serbia & Montenegro 2003.  To my surprise, I won the championship U10 with 7/7 points, 2 rounds before the end of the tournament! That's when I fell in love with chess and decided to make it my career. Shortly after, I was training with the nation's best coaches and traveling around the world competing in tournaments. In 2006, my family moved to Moscow, Russia, where I continued as a chess professional. With the help of the Russian chess school I achieved my peak FIDE rating 2455 by age 16 and was in the top 40 women in the world. 

Moving to USA

I was lucky enough to be given several incredible scholarship offers from US Universities with chess teams. When I turned 18 I chose to join one of the nation's best collegiate chess teams at UMBC. In 2012, I moved to Baltimore, MD and took a break from playing professionally to focus on my studies. By the end of 2014, I decided to officially switch my chess federation and started to play for the USA. Afterward, I was invited to play the 2015 US Women's Championship and finished tied for 2nd place. The tournament reminded me how much I had missed the world of chess - I decided to once again play professionally.


  • 2016 U.S. Women's Chess Champion
  • Member of U.S. Women's Olympic Team, 2016
  • 2nd place at the U.S. Women's Championship, 2015
  • Winner, Boardwalk Open, 2015  
  • Pan American Intercollegiate Champions with team UMBC 2014
  • Bronze medal at World Junior Girls Championship 2012
  • Bronze medal at European Women Team Championship 2011  
  • Winner of Moscow Open Women's Tournament 2010    
  • Winner of Moscow Women's Championship qualifier 2010
  • 4th place at Russian Women's Superfinal 2010
  • Gold medal at World Youth Championship U16 2008 
  • Gold medal at European Youth Championship U16 2008 
  • Gold medal at World Youth Championship U14 2007
  • Gold medal at European Youth Championship U14 2007
  • Gold medal at European Youth Championship U12 2005
  • Gold medal at European Youth Championship U10 2003